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The Brant Addition

About Us

We're an architectural design firm motivated by our client's ideas and fueled by our creativity. We want to design your ideas and make them a reality. With the rise in the housing market in the past few years, many home owners are looking to renovate their homes. Either to meet the change of the times, updating to a more modern style or to find a way to flip their house to resell in this growing market. From houses to bungalows to even beaten up condos. Everyone is renovating and they want the best for their buck. We notice and understand that this was an opportunity to provide our architectural design services. And thus the Rojas Empire of Design Inc was founded in April 2018. Already with a couple of years of experiences in the residential field, we are confident that our company will grow into something great. At first, we started with minor renovations but today we have already completed work for several house additions, custom homes and condo renovations all over the GTA and outside. Our list of various services and our experience helps our client make the smartest and most profitable decision. We strive and take pride in our company’s timeline and competitive pricing. Our Mission Statement Rojas Empire of Design Inc provides design services in order to bring a better living style to our clients, whenever that involves renovating an existing, adding an addition or designing custom homes, we strive to improve, impress and innovate the architectural field.

Henry M Silva Rojas

Dip.Arch, AATO Intern Associate, BCIN Qualified Designer


Henry has been working in the architectural field for a number of years, with experiences in both residential and retail throughout his career. Having graduated from Sheridan College years ago, Henry had started as an architectural draftsman at an admirable design firm in downtown Oakville. It was there, He further developed his skills and he strive to learn, adapt and apply his knowledge. Since than he had moved up in titles from working as a draftsman to technologist than designer and now President,

He also has experience as a Project Construction Manager, being expose to construction on-site issue has provide Henry an in-depth understanding of what goes on outside the design office and therefore as further his problem solving skills. 

Henry has a firm understanding what each roles provides and how to get the job done well.  

When he can, Henry provide free information and advice and the next generation of designers during his own podcast! Click here to hear some! 

Jonathan Netta

Senior Architectural Designer​ (Custom Home Division)

Jonathan has been working in the Architectural design industry for 10+ years, having served both residential and commercial sectors. 

Jonathan recently worked at a well established custom residential firm for many years, where he found his passion and worked his way up to lead senior designer and operations manager. Jonathan took a lead role in managing the full execution of projects, from early design conception stages all the way through to detailed Architectural drawings and permitting. 

He has a close attention to detail and a creative eye, along with a very diverse background, having worked on a wide range of different house styles for a variety of unique clients.

Manola Vesha

Intermediate Architectural Designer​ (House Addition Division)

Manola is a Senior Architectural Designer that has been working in the architecture and construction industry for 10+ years. Manola has worked on different types of projects from residential sector to interior design and retail developments.

She started her career in a small architectural firm as a junior designer.It was this role that helped her develop her practical skills. Additionally, she has also worked as a project lead where she was able to manage the full execution of the projects from concept design to construction.

Manola strongly believes that the ability to focus on the small details is essential in architecture and that architects need this skill to make sure everything fits together to create the strongest and most attractive building.

It is always her passion and professional objective to constantly improve upon the highly requested skill set in this ever evolving and growing industry.

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