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Apartment Building Upgrades

Existing Apartment Units to Proposed!

Watch how we upgrade these existing apartment units. We convert them to a modern style with brand new kitchens, in-suite laundry and adding storage wherever possible for the best ROI!

Contractor Booklet

Are you struggling with your contractor? Are there too many miscommunications between the two parties? 

Rojas Empire of Design Inc can help bridge the two together for a smooth and stress-free workflow. 

We provide an in-depth construction booklet for your apartment unit renovation of types of paint color, (for each room) to specific wall assembly for each area. This booklet will let your contractor and their trades (plumbing, electrical, framers etc) know what to do for each area without the contractor or your team repeat themselves. This is to ensure the work is done the way you want it the first time. 

No more "he said, she said" type of scenarios. This booklet is written proof of what you want in that unit! 

Click here for a sample of our booklet! 

Sample Proposed Drawing

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