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Q: How long does the city take to review our permit application?

A: As per the building code, the city should take approximately 2-3 weeks. Depending on your project type. That being said, we are noticing a longer wait time due to the shear volume of application they are receiving. The new timing is approximately 8-12 weeks.

Q: Can I submit drawings as the homeowner?

A: Yes, you definitely can! However, depending on the quality of the drawings and understanding of the Ontario Building Code, the city has the right to refuse to review your drawings if prepared poorly. It's always best to hire a qualified designer with experience!

Q: If my basement ceiling is already done and I want to convert to a basement apartment. Do I need to remove the ceiling?

A: To properly convert your basement to an apartment unit, you will need to fire rate the ceiling and provide the correct STC rating. Most if not all existing basements do not meet both of these requirements and will be need to be rework.

Q: Will you handle the permit submission?

A: Yes! As part of our service, we will prepare all the application documents, coordinate with the consultants and submit for permits on your behalf.

Q: How long does your design phase take?

A: Depending on the type of project, our designers are developing the 1st set of design drawings within 1-2 weeks. Afterwards, it will depend on designs revisions and meetings between owner and designer. We tend to have design approval from the owner by the end of the 3rd week.  

Q: Can you refer some general contractors for our project?

A: Yes, we definitely can! That being said, we wouldn’t refer just any contractor we have worked with but a specific contractor who specialize in that project type. We want the best for your project, so we refer the best for that project type!

Q: I want to add another unit to my lot, but the city wouldn’t allow me due to the zoning bylaws, can you help?

A: Yes! We work together with our planners to develop a proposal for the city and apply for a minor variances. Our planners are very experienced and will discuss your project with the city planners and represent you at the hearing on your behalf!

Q: I’m looking to purchase an apartment building and convert the existing garages into additional units, is this something you can help with?

A: Yes! We can help you with your project, we have worked and completed a number of these projects to the point where we have developed a system called F.A.Z.E.D. This system of questions and considerations help investors understand what they need to know to get this type of project done, from architectural, planning, engineering and construction phases. Contact us for more info!

Q: I’m thinking of doing interior alterations involving moving some walls in my home. Do I need permits for this?

A: Yes! Most of the time we see our clients removing walls to create that open-concept space. However, sometimes that wall is a load-bearing wall which needs an engineer to calculate and size the new beam to replace that wall and our design team to create the as-builts, design the new layout and submit for permits.

Q: Do you have an office we can visit to see your work and discuss our project details?

A: Yes! We welcome all to come visit our Mississauga Office located at 1115 Westport Crescent, Mississauga. Just off HWY 403 and 410. We’ve also opened up our kitchen shop +  material warehouse to the public. Architectural, Kitchens, Materials all under 1 roof!

Q: What's the first step before retaining architectural services?

A: Depending on your project’s scope of work. If you’re adding an extension to your current lot, you will then need a topographic survey from a OLS (Ontario Land Surveyor). This is a very important part to permit submission and for our design team to understand where the property lines are and how much your lot area is for lot coverage calculations. If your only doing interior alterations, then a survey is not required.