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Looking for an Investment?

Want to learn more about investment properties? Why build out when you can make use of your existing space! 

Henry Matthew Silva Rojas, President of Rojas Empire of Design Inc, is not only a Qualified Architectural Designer but also a real estate investment entrepreneur, working in the residential design and residential investment industry. 

As a partner with one of the largest growing investment/construction firms, JMH Canada, we've had the opportunity to work with them on many projects over the last several years. Projects ranging from apartment building upgrades, conversions and most recently designing a new apartment building in downtown St. Catherines, Ontario.

Click here for more info on our services for designing an existing apartment building in downtown Hamilton to now have 8 NEW APARTMENT UNITS in the basement area. The Carling Residence. 

Henry's latest personal investment project is located in Welland, ON. Our plan is to design and renovate this single family home to a legal triplex! Units are approximately 500 sq ft, 1 bedroom and 1 bath layout. To learn more give Henry a call at 647 261 9708 or follow his investment journey on IG at AR Investments

Click here for a peak at the architectural permit drawings!

Click here for a video of the existing conditions of this project!