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Support, Learn and Network with each other from all over Ontario

Formed in 2021, Henry M Silva Rojas created the Ontario Architectural Designers & Drafter's Facebook group (OADD) to united fellow designers and start-ups from all over Ontario. Providing free advise and training the next generation of designers going into the workforce.

With years of experience in residential and commercial type projects, Henry hopes his stories and knowledge can help others in this field.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out a few of his podcast made by this group and for this group!

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Permits, Permits and even more Permits!

We will be discussing PERMITS! From different types of permits, turnaround timing, how they connect to each other and much more!

Listen to the Podcast Here!


Apartment Gut and New!

Joining us again will be Pa O' Rahilly!

We will be discussing in depth on apartment unit projects, from start to finish. When he gets a new project, designing the new layouts, permit drawings, construction phase, RFIs etc

Listen to the Podcast Here!


Zoning, the Initial Headache!

For this week's LIVE, we will be discussing ZONING!

-What you should do before you start a project (Zoning Review Package)

-What's Inside a Zoning Review Package

-double checking your work

-Other zoning issues (heritage, conservations, etc)

Listen to the Podcast Here!


The Never-ending Journey of Portfolios

For this week's LIVE, we will be discussing Portfolios.

-What to add, what not to add

-different types of portfolios

-length and size of your portfolio

-Hardcopy VS Digital

-Know the projects your adding!

Listen to the Podcast Here!