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The Cedarbrae Residence

Located in the heart of Milton and set to be constructed this Summer, we have proposed a full second storey addition to this home, nearly doubling the current square footage.

With the fluctuating real estate market being what it is, an addition might just be the solution

for you, to get the space that your family needs without having to relocate. And at the same time, it gives you the luxury of customizing it to cator your family’s specific needs. Feel feel to reach out to us for a free consult to explore the potential of your property.

Our clients were very interested in the farmhouse modern exterior look, which is now a very popular trend and a very cost effective way to go.

With minimalistic, simple clean lines, its a great way to bring a modern flare to your home, while keeping within budget.

We are looking forward to overseeing the construction of this home and can’t wait to see this nice growing family enjoy the space that they deserve.

The Cedarbrae Residence