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Basic Services

Planning (Zoning Reviews)

Need a hand in understanding your property's zoning? What you're allow to do vs what you're not allow. Contact us for a free 15 min consultation to review your zoning!

Planning (Site Plan Approval)

As part of our service packages we assist in ensuring your projects meets all the requirements from the city's development department as well as conservation authorities.

Planning (Committee of Adjustment)

Want a design that doesn't follow the zoning bylaws? Lets work with planner to get this design reviewed and approved by the city's CoA!

Architectural Designs

Looking to work with an experienced designer? Want your wishlist to come true? Give us a call to discuss and explain how our team converts your vision to reality!

Consultant Coordination

Depending on your project's scope of work, you may need to work with other designers/engineers to get your permit approved. We manage and coordinate those consultants for you!

Permit Drawings/Handing

Once designs are completed and approved by you, we develop our permit ready drawings for the city! We also submit on your behalf and work with the city to get your permit approved!

Additional Services

3D Photorealistic Rendering

Not all of us can fully understanding the 2D drawings, and that can sometimes be a problem. Not to worry, we have the solution! lets get you a 3D model/render to show you your finished product before construction even starts!

Interior Upgrade

Want a hand in choosing what materials, fabric and colors to use for your new space? Well come visit our showroom and meet us in-person to see, feel and know what's best for you!

Paper to CAD Conversion

Dusty old drawings can be a pain to work with. So let us take care of it for you and convert them to online files!

Marketing Plans

Planning to rent out a unit or space? Let us handle the plans for marketing purposes! In our experience, most people like to see plans before they even call for a viewing!

Electrical Ceiling Plans

Having a hard time understanding how the ceiling lights and details will work? Our team will design and draft a plan locating all the ceiling features and lighting so your electrician knows where to place them!

Kitchen Designs

Looking to get a brand new kitchen? Look no more! We have a kitchen shop right at our office and our team of designers will design, build and deliver your kitchens in a timely manner!

Type of Projects

Small Size Projects

Load-Bearing Wall Removal

Nowadays, most homeowners want that open-concept space in their homes. That usually involves removing interior walls, just keep note that some interior walls could be load-bearing. Which is a structural wall that supports the above elements of the house.

Basement Walkout

Need a 2nd entrance for your basement? Either for your own household feature or because of a 2nd unit apartment, we can help you design that!

Basement Finish

Did you know that even finishing your basement for your family requires a permit? Especially when your adding another bathroom.


Perfect house to purchase but the basement ceiling too low to do anything? Well that's where we come in! We work with our engineer to size and increase the height of your basement!

Interior Alterations

Looking to remodel the inside of your existing house? Maybe add another bathroom, or move around some walls? We can help you decide what's the best layout for your specific home!

Wood Deck

Summer's around the corner and you now want to add that wood deck for your big summer parties and gathering! Contact us and we'll get it done before you start inviting!

Covered Porch

Tired of waiting in the rain or snow to get your keys to open your front door? Or looking to remodel your existing porch? Let us take care of that process and bring new life into your front entry!

Basement Apartment

Need that 2nd source of income? We know we wouldn't mind getting that! So lets work together to get you that permit, so that works done properly and within budget!

Medium Size Projects

Retail Remodel

Got a new lease for retail space? Or looking to remodel your existing? Let us know your needs to get your business make more money!


Want to impress your customers? Lets design a jaw-dropping interior finish that both stays within budget and gets your customers coming back for more!

Office Design

Got a large team and need to fit them somewhere? Well let us help you help them feel comfortable and glad to be working in a space that natural flow to the area and maximizes the number of desks you can have!

Detached Garage

Your current home doesn't have a garage? Or looking to add another one? Well that fantastic! One of the biggest issues nowadays is the number of private parking spaces, so lets solve it together!

Laneway House / Garden Suite

You currently max out the number of units you can add to your home? Don't you worry, if you have enough space, we can design you another mini home! Lets take advantage of your lot space to get you as much cash flow as possible!


Rule of thumb, at least for us is 400-500sqft equals 1 bedroom unit! If you got 2000sqft of space, lets do a fourplex! Its a tricky but also a rewarding project.

House Addition

Another kid on the way? Or in-laws wanna move in? Or maybe you want that master bedroom with ensuite and closet that you always wanted? Well look no more, we've help dozens of homeowners with their additions!

Large Size Projects

5+ Unit Conversions

Go big or go home! If you got the space, lets work together to get this done. In times like these, we go with the bachelor unit designs. Smaller but still comfortable for your future tenants.

Custom Homes

Saved enough money? Or sold your last home? Lets get you started on designing your dream home! Our team brings the experience and knowledge, and you bring your wishlist!

Apartment Buildings

Looking to maximize your units? Heres 3 tips, on us. 1. Storage, Storage and more Storage! 2. Functional kitchen! 3. Insuite Laundry service! Want to know more? Contact us and we'll help you make more money!

Areas we serve

We serve Mississauaga, Oakvile, Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Toronto, Hamilton, Etobicoke, London, Windsor, Timmins, Niagara Falls, Cambridge, and Barrie.